Board of Directors

Mr Bin Li

Non-Executive Chairman


Mr Bin Li has been appointed by the board as Non- Executive Chairman.

As previously announced Mr Li is a senior mining engineer with over 25 years' experience in metallurgy and a graduate of mining and metallurgy form the Jiang Xi Metallurgy University and this technical experience is relevant to the company's current and next stages of development.

His past appointments include being Vice-Director of the Yang Shan iron mine and Mine Director at Shuang Qi Hill where he was in charge of the establishment of the metallurgical plant and gold mine in the Fu Jian province.


Mrs Qing Zhong

Managing Director & CEO


The board has appointed Mrs Qing Zhong as Managing Director and CEO. Mrs Zhong recently led a delegation of Chinese investors to view the company's operations in Chile and carried out an extensive review of the Chilean operations.

Mrs Zhong has been involved in capital management and investment businesses for over 10 years. During that time she has held several senior management positions in private companies in Shanghai ,China, engaged in property investment and development. Mrs Zhong has been responsible for mining investments in Mexico and Australia, and currently holds a directorship in MNKO Resource Company in Mexico. Mrs Zhong is also Director of Jin xin International Pty Ltd, Sun Investment Pty Ltd and Sino Mining Holdings Pty Ltd in Australia, and holds a degree from the Shanghai Normal University of Arts.



Mr Hanrui Zhong

Non-executive Director


Mr Hanrui Zhong has been appointed by the board as Non-Executive Director .

Mr Zhong has a Masters Degree in Economics and has an extensive experience in executive positions in China and Hong Kong. During his career, Mr Zhong has been in charge of capital management and mining investments in China, Mexico and Australia.

Mr Zhong is currently a director of Taishan Resource Company in Mexico and is a related party to Sino Investment & Holding Pty Ltd, a substantial holder of Admiralty since March 2011.